Old show archive (Episodes 1-9)

Herein lie episodes 1-9: “the early days” as we like to refer to them nostagically over a glass of cognac. We do reccomend starting from Episode 10 – but if you’ve enjoyed the later shows, perhaps you might care to dip into these early ones with toyful abandon, remarking at our first moments and watching our little features grow up one by one. These eatly shows aren’t the best, but then again neither is anything new: just think about your first experiences with sex, and how awkward that can be. I still rarely talk to my uncle.

Episode 9 (7th February 2009)

S Club Juniors’ kidneys, Crimewatch reconstructions, Henry signs up for a kickboxing tournament and why getting a train through Wales is like slowly travelling backwards through time.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 9

Episode 8 (5th December 2008)

Santa turns to burglery, racist babies, Henry makes a phone call to Claims Direct and Oscar’s mates pop in for some bad jokes.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 8

Episode 7 (29th November 2008)

Epileptic badgers, crap Christmas presents, Henry is kidnapped by bears and Oscar almost gets us done for treason.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 7

Episode 6 (22nd November 2008)

Somalian pirates, child abandonment, civillised cannibals and why Henry finds terrorists quite annoying.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 6

Episode 5 (15th November 2008)

Henry’s guinea pig genocide, the problem with Men’s Health, Bear Grylls gets humiliated and Oscar buys a budgie with the sole purpose of teaching it to say ’safe’.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 5 

Opening Podcast (18th October – 8th November 2008)

The first four shows squeezed into one: Henry and Oscar get used to the buttons, a trio of sad stories, an old man wanders in for an interview and Oscar reveals that he’s certified as a reverend.

Listen to it here:
Download Opening Podcast (Episodes 1-4)


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