Episode 10

There was much delight this week as me and Oscar were allowed to go out on FM radio for the first time, especially from people who don’t own FM radios, and a swell of pride was felt as we watched our audience grow from the Student’s Union to the Student’s Union plus the van parked outside it. There are a few questions surrounding the transmitter’s range: such as why must all listeners have their radios pressed firmly against the building to get signal? And does it help if they’re wrapped in foil? Nonetheless, we’re grateful of the opportunity, and continue to dispel rumours that the money would have been better spent hiring a man to stand on top of the roof and yell at passers-by (I once had a grandfather who did this). Meanwhile, the show carried on in much the same vein as normal, notable only for the presence of a horribly unsuitable prostitute-based ‘I Will Survive’ which threatened to get us thrown off the air almost as soon as we’d got on it. Luckily, Ofcom had parked their van on the other side of the road, and so were unable to make out most of the violations.

This week, it’s a Valentines Day special; Oscar is forced to date a series of strange women, Henry reveals why the holiday makes him so annoyed, and the new FM license is threatened by the most unsuitable ‘I Will Survive’ yet.

Listen to it here:

Download Episode 10

 It’s All News to Me

1) Bolivian chipmunk war claims first human life
2) Magic goat detained for armed robbery
3) Kidney damage for man who ate shed

Well one of them is true:


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