Episode 11

This week saw the second exposure of our filth over the FM bandwidth, an hour and half spent reflecting on what was probably one of the least eventful weeks of modern history (there was something to do with banks, but we didn’t understand it). We instead decided to fill the time with matters of slightly less political consequence, such as is there a solo version of the Mile High club? Can pandas play instruments? And why do women not find dribbling attractive? None of these questions were answered to any kind of significance, and it remains much more likely that this show will be remembered for Oscar’s angry yelling at God, “why are you making me look like a twat?”, a somewhat more delicate re-take on the fable of Jonah. Other than this the show passed without incident, and I learned that it’s impossible to fit an entire boom mic in your mouth without making noises like a swan.

This week: Oscar builds an Ark, Disneyland gang war, evil shrubs and how to survive a zombie attack at Tescos.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 11

It’s All News to Me

1) Parents delighted as toddler marries dog
2) Panda passes grade 5 trumpet exam
3) 4 Goofys left dead in Disneyland gang war shooting

Which one’s right?


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