Episode 12

Week after week, it takes a huge amount of effort to ensure that our radio show remains fresh, original and funny, which is probably one of the main reasons why we don’t bother. Still, it’s good to see that our enthusiasm remains as strong as ever, Oscar turning up for the show despite having locked himself out of his bedroom for the past week and looking like the later phases of the portrait of Dorian Grey. I, too, did my best despite increased stress, my thoughts resting with my likely death at a national kickboxing championship the next morning. I decided not to be dominated by fear, and reminded myself that if you can win the battle within yourself, nothing else can hurt you. I lost horribly, disproving forever that this is true and vowing instead to stick to a hobby that i’m more genetically suited towards, such as reading, or failing to impress women at bars. I also learnt that having another man thrust his body at you for a round of 90 seconds is distinctly unpleasant, and in an instant I felt an increased sympathy for my ex-girlfriends.

This week: Henry panics about his kickboxing tournament, Oscar becomes a fugitive, haircuts get awkward and the memory of Biggie inspires the boys to face off in a freestyle rap battle.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 12

It’s All News to Me

1) Man left blind after sneezing out eyes
2) Woman trades children for cockatoo
3) Admin error leaves gibbon in charge of town

And the true story is here:

Proof that Eoghan resembles a Pokemon

I’ve since changed my mind, and now think he looks more like squirtle:

See (he’s the one on the left).


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