Episode 13

A bakers’ dozen, unlucky for some, ‘too young for the jury to show you lenience’ etc… it’s that special milemark, and hard to believe that thirteen shows have already passed us by. Well, fourteen. We took last week off, for no particular reason other than to let the FM license run out so we can say rude words again, such as ’tits’. We’ve also decided to shift things about from next week, a bit like the way Skins occasionally ditches its entire cast, except not shite. Hopefully this will help alleviate the rising tension in the studio, which exploded this week after Oscar turned my headphones up to full and began chomping skittles into the mic. ”It’s like looking after rainman!” I yelled at him, ”except you’re not even good at gambling”. I had hoped this remark might dent his confidence, but he merely chomped down a few more skittles before replying thoughtfully, “I don’t think Rainman ever did wees with the door open”. A confused silence passed between us, sometime during which I became aware that he’d won the argument.

This week: The benefits of eating your own toes, life as a Borrower, a multicultural Sad Story and Oscar takes on the role of ‘Agony Aunt’.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 13

It’s All News to Me

1) Elephant smack addict sent to rehab
2) Wesley Snipes bathes child in wine
3) Old man sued for being too ugly

Which one’s right?


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