Episode 14

Back for the third term and raring to go, it was refreshing this week to have to break into the recording studio and program all of the computers ourselves, sprinting about under a time limit like something from The Crystal Maze. Sometimes it does feel very much like we’re running a lighthouse off the coast of some small abandoned island; the crippling isolation, the stairs, the charming and fleeting homage to the discovery of electricity, and the sounds of our show continuously pumped out from the union as some kind of beacon to repel listeners away from shore. Nonetheless, we put our feelings aside and pressed on, christening the new term and delivering a show that was only mildly less interesting than that of the ‘automatic’ button. With just five more shows to go, we can only hope that things improve, as nothing short of a hostage-taking is going to ensure our success at the Cardiff Student Awards next week. The nomination form they sent me said they were looking for something ‘bold, original and ground-breaking in the form of audio’, so I decided just to steal a clip from one of Martin Luther King’s speeches. It doesn’t really matter anyway, because the automatic button wins every year.

This week: A stand-off with angry Dr. Who nerds, Oscar builds his own country, confused bishops, and a sad farewell to Oscar’s pet budgie Germaine.

Listen to it here:
Download Episode 14

(To download, right-click ‘save target as’)

It’s All News To Me

1) Nazi beavers build dam in shape of Hitler’s face
2) Woman born with legs four times the size of normal legs
3) Confused bishop christens own colon

I think this photo will tell you which one is true;

And here’s the link to the story: http://www.tvthrong.co.uk/extraordinary-people/the-biggest-legs-in-the-world. Apparently there’s a documentary about her, which should be informative.

R.I.P Germaine

While reading the following statement, please play this file.

A special mention this week should go to Oscar’s pet budgie Germaine, who, after many weeks by our side and in our hearts, finally passed away silently in his sleep. At least we think it was his sleep, he could’ve just been dead for a while. Either way he was off his perch.

Rest in peace mate. You’re in a better place now.


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