NEW DOWNLOAD – Special Bonus Podcast

So here it is! After two years of false promises, we finally got off our arses and recorded a brand new final podcast, possibly the least celebrated comeback since Measles. So download it here, stick it on your iPod, and get ready for 35 minutes of unrivalled silliness! (Note: some of the later sections work best with stereo headphones).

This week: Some new features, more phone calls to ‘Take a Break’, Oscar goes on Jeremy Kyle and Tolu the furby earns his role as co-host.

Listen to it here:

It’s All News to Me

1) Unarmed woman robs bank with AIDS
2) Fat Croatian boy reveals magnetic tits
3) National shame as Prince Philip eats placard

And the true story is: Not to be a hypocrite, but I don’t feel that ‘fat boy’ is an unfair assessment.

Many thanks to the woman with the biggest legs in the world… legs, big legs… gay squirtle.


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