Podcasts now on iTunes!

We’re finally finished! Thanks to everyone who tuned in, we certainly had fun. So now the show’s over, we’ve put all the podcasts in one easy-to-download place:

Click here to download us on iTunes

Enjoy that, yeah?

(And if you don’t have an iPod, you can still download them individually below.)

Henry and Oscar x


NEW DOWNLOAD – ‘Best of’ Compilations

Don’t have the time to wade through all our shite? Think it might be a gamble? Well then, why not try one of our two 15-minute ‘highlight compilations’ free to download below, created especially for the launch of Xpress Radio’s shiny new iTunes page. Contains condensed material from episodes 1-17, including a hearty portion of never-before-heard material, by which I mean our show. What could go wrong yeah?

Listen to them here:

Highlights Compilation 1 – QUICK LISTEN
Highlights Compilation 1 – DOWNLOAD LINK FOR MP3

Highlights Compilation 2 – QUICK LISTEN
Highlights Compilation 2 – DOWNLOAD LINK FOR MP3


If you’re interested in more after that, and unless it’s all gone tits up again, all our old show podcasts should still be available to download free below. Lovely.

A Message from Henry and Oscar

Oo well done, nice time to discover this page. Not that we’re finished or anything. How’s the bandwagon? Busy? I bet you’re the kind of person who eats too much food before complaining that they’ve “eaten too much food”, or says “don’t hurt yourself” immediately after someone’s just hurt themself, or decides in May 1945 that you don’t really like this Hitler fellow and might not vote for him after all. You should really try and get upstream of the floating turd in life. Still, you’re here now, and in luck, as our 17 show podcasts are still online for download. For new listeners, I reccommend starting with our Second Year shows and working your way upwards, as our first 9 episodes serve only to illustrate why pilots need to be trained before being given the controls. See if you like them, and if after those later episodes you’re left titilated but ultimately unsatisifed, then perhaps you’d like to nip back into the first 9 and finish yourself off.

So cheerio. We’ll most likely be back for a one-off special some time in the future, but we’re still not sure when, so we’ll keep you updated through the facebook group which you can join via the link in the sidebar. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy what we’ve got to offer, and think of us fondly as me and Oscar settle down to a nice suburban lifestyle somewhere in the country, to raise our dogs Herbert and Truffles, far away from the stressful world of microphones, FM licenses and faulty recording equipment.

Lots of love, and enjoy.

– Henry & Oscar